1. Who will be covered in this membership?
   Membership covers self, spouse & unmarried children upto 27 years of age.

2. Is the membership amount refundable?
   The membership fee is not refundable.

3. What will be the course of those children who are married or above 27 years of age?
   Members’ married children or children above 27 years of age may apply separately for “associate membership” by paying the prevailing associate membership fee.

4. Is this membership transferable & what would be the procedure?
   The member has the right to transfer the membership to another person subject to the acceptance by the management and upon payment of prevailing transfer fee. Upon approval/acceptance the transfer shall be made by canceling the card issued to the member, his/her spouse and children. A fresh card will then be issued to the transferee member, subject to clearance of all dues.

5. Are there any other charges apart from the membership fee ?
   Apart from the membership dues, Monthly Subscription is charged at Rs. 2500/- per couple (husband & wife) & Rs. 600/- per child above 04 years of age & covers usage of all facilities at the resort. Catering charges are however billed as per consumption.

6. What is your guest policy?
   Members are allowed to bring upto six (6) once in a month. However, stags are not allowed, guests are only accommodated in a family form.

7. Can members bring with guests throughout the week?
   Guest can only be accommodated on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

8. Is the resort operational throughout the week?
   The Resort is operational throughout the week except Wednesday.